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Selfless embodies everything about its creator, Easton. It shows his incredible artistic abilities, his keen eye for details, his love and compassion for others and, most importantly, his ability to stay strong through whatever life throws at him. One can feel the time and dedication put toward this project. It is beautiful, full of love and is an experience one can't forget. Truly phenomenal. 



Selfless was such an incredible experience. The visual was so calming and breathtaking, and I am truly amazed by the the vulnerability and resilience throughout the story. I saw the searching and finding of self. I felt the love and pain of growing up.


Selfless is such a beautiful understanding of identity and vulnerability. The visual design in this is breathtaking! So happy to see it finished. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Ahhhh Noelle!! Ur making me cry! Thank you so much!!!


Vulenarable, honest, and beautiful

Thank you Ben ❤️


So beautiful! It’s art like this that displays the resilience of love and the strength of heart. Thank you for sharing your story — it's incredibly inspiring <3

Ur beautiful! Love u